The High Tails Difference


We are proud to offer unique facilities with superior client service. Our knowledgeable and experienced team specializes in stress-reduction and disease control for your beloved furry family member.  All guests at High Tails Pet Resort benefit from the following facility features and services:

  • Cage free accommodations. Each 4x8 dog kennel suite comes complete with bedding and dishes.
  • We have the longest runs in Alberta! Each dog kennel has its own attached 30-34 foot run so you dog always gets to choose when to go outside.
  • Dog doors remain open 24/7 unless there is a severe storm or an owner requests otherwise.
  • Dog kennels and dog runs are separated by chain link however we do have privacy suites available.
  • Unlimited filtered watered via reverse osmosis.
  • Daily “5 Point” health inspections. Involves inspecting, documenting, and potentially treating problems found with the ears, eyes, paws, bum and overall body condition.
  • Daily cuddle time.
  • Daily exercise. You help us determine which type of exercise would be most appropriate and enjoyable for your pet. Most typical are group play, individual play or leashed walks. Play time is always supervised and only appropriate breeds, sizes and temperaments are permitted to play together.
  • Entire facility and play areas are fenced at least 12 inches into the ground.
  • Breakfast and dinner feedings of dry food.
  • Kennel personnel on site over night.


Our Dog and Cat Suites

Dog Boarding – rates are per night

  • 1 dog /1 suite $39
  • 2 dogs /1 suite $72 (maximum 2 per pen for larger breeds)
  • 2 dogs/2 suites $78
  • 3 dogs/1 suite $95
  • 4 dogs/1 suite $118

*Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Effective March 1, 2018 – Dog Boarding – rates per night 

  • 1 dog /1 suite $43
  • 2 dogs /1 suite $79 (maximum 2 per pen for larger breeds)
  • 2 dogs/2 suites $86
  • 3 dogs/1 suite $105
  • 4 dogs/1 suite $130

**Peak season pricing (December 15 to January 10) is an extra $3/per pet. Long term stay discounts will still apply. Please reserve for the holiday season as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.


Medications, Upgrades and Extras

  • administering oral medications/supplements: starts at $2/administration
  • administering out of hours meds: starts at $10/day
  • administering needles: starts at $5/needle
  • administering eye/ear drops: starts at $2.50/administration
  • ear or eye cleaning: starts at $5/cleaning
  • puffer: starts at $5/administration
  • feeding raw food: starts at $3/day
  • feeding wet food: starts at $2/day
  • pee pads: starting at $5/day for ours and $2.50/day yours
  • nail trim: starts at $12
  • teeth brushing: starts at $5
  • full grooming services available: see our Grooming page for more info
  • any additional play session: starts at $7.50


Kennel Food Cost

We do encourage you to bring your dog’s own food in order to avoid digestional upset during their stay however kennel food is available.

  • 2 cups and under: $5
  • 2-6 cups: $10
  • 6-10 cups: $15
  • 10-15 cups: $20
  • 15-20 cups: $25


Cat Boarding – rates are per night

Our large, bright cat condos can accommodate up to a family of 4 cats. Cat condos are located in a separate building.

  • 1 cat – $27/night 1 condo
  • Additional cats in the same condo are $8 each

*Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Effective March 1, 2018 – Cat Boarding – rates per night

  • 1 cat – $29/night 1 condo
  • Additional cats in the same condo are $8 each

**Peak season pricing (December 15 to January 10) is an extra $3/per pet. Long term stay discounts will still apply. Please reserve for the holiday season as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.


For extended stays the following discounts apply:

  • 10% -10 nights or over.
  • 15% – 21 nights or over.
  • 25% – 31 nights or over.
  • some exceptions may apply


Dog Playgroup at High Tails Pet Resort

Hours of Operation

Boarding Pick-up and Drop-off Hours

In order to provide the very best care for your pet, we strictly adhere to the following schedule for pick-up and drop-off times:

  • Monday to Friday: 9am – 11am and 5pm – 7pm
  • Saturday: 9am – 11am only
  • Sunday: 5pm – 7pm only
  • We are closed the Sunday of all long weekends so that we can be open on the holiday Monday from 4-7 pm for your convenience.

By following structured hours in the kennel it allows the animals to rest and have periods of the day where there isn’t the excitement of new pets coming in and others going home. This also allows our staff to focus all of their attention on caring for all the animals on site. This is one of the special advantages that allows High Tails to reduce stress for our guests during their stay.

*Please note there will no pick up and drop off hours on December 25 and January 1.



Dog Boarding Information

All you need to bring is their food and/or any medications they may be on. We provide everything else including bedding, toys and treats! We also have food in case your supply runs out or you forget to bring some.

Why your food and not ours?

The organ of a dog that gets most affected by stress is their intestines. Therefore when they experience anxiety their digestive system doesn’t function normally which most often leads to soft stool or diarrhea. So it’s best for your dog’s well-being to stay on their regular food. Cats on the other hand are different. They are luck us in that the organ that get most affected by stress is the lungs. So cats can handle dietary changes more easily than dogs even when they are stressed.

Why our toys (including chews and bones) and not yours? 
When dogs are outside of their normal environment they can behave differently and view the strange dogs around them as competition. Their toys, bedding and food can often become prized possessions that they will try to guard or hide from a neighbour. Dogs may resort to exhibiting guarding behaviours that may contribute to conflict or additional anxiety. Perceived threat may cause your dog to destroy and/or ingest something they shouldn’t or normally wouldn’t. Therefore it’s safer and less stressful for your pet if you let us provide safe toys and treats.

Why our bedding and not yours? 
Once again, being away from home your dog may decide to destroy his/her favourite bed. A neighbouring dog may decide to pee on it through the chain-link or try to steal it if it happens to work its way near their pen. We don’t mind washing it – but we do worry about it getting lost in the great amount of laundry we do every day. If your pooch is happier in a crate at night, we can use one of ours or feel free to bring your own understanding it may not come home quite as sparkling clean as you left it.


Cat loving High Tails

Cat Boarding Information

Cats are a little different (ok – maybe a lot different!) then dogs. They do not respond well to changes in their environment therefore we strongly encourage you to bring things for them that remind them of home. Most effective in stress reduction for your cat(s) is to bring the bedding they are used to.   Bringing their own foods helps too, but cats can adjust quickly to dietary changes so not to worry if you forget to bring enough. We would hate to lose your cat’s favourite toy so you can leave it at home taking comfort in knowing that we have plenty to keep them well entertained!

Required Vaccinations

For the health and safety of all our guests we follow a veterinary recommended vaccine schedule for all pets staying at High Tails.

Dog Vaccinations

  • Bordetella (yearly – if expired must be given at least 5 days before coming to stay with us)
  • DA2PP (Distemper, hepatitis, adenovirus Type 2, parainfluenza & parvovirus)
  • DA2P (all of the above except parvovirus which is sometimes given separately – if expired can be given same day as coming to stay with us)
  • Rabies (every 3 years – if expired, can be given same day as coming to stay with us)

*variations for puppies/seniors, please contact us for more information

Cat Vaccinations

Cat’s are required to be up to date on their annual FVRCP vaccine. If this vaccine has never been given then it needs to be given at least 2 weeks prior to your cat coming to stay with us. If your cat has been given this vaccine and it has expired it needs to be given at least 10 days before coming to stay with us.

Cats also need to have their rabies vaccine (every 3 years – if expired, can be given same day as coming to stay with us)



  • Payment due in full upon drop off.
  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, Debit Card or cash only. Sorry, no cheques.
  • Only owners may drop-off and pick up their pet(s). An alternate drop-off and pick up person must be pre-arranged with kennel management and sufficient ID must be provided.
  • We are not responsible for undisclosed health or behavior issues.
  • Prices subject to change without notice.



Year Round

  • All bookings from outside of local calling area require payment in full on booking, non refundable.
  • First time bookings – require a non refundable deposit of 50% of booking fee at time of booking reservation (in full if less than $50.00).

Peak Season

Special Message: We don’t want to disappoint anyone by not having spaces available so please start thinking about your holiday plans and if they include us. If you think you may need us please call to make your reservation soon! Peak season is from December 15 through January 10.

  • All customers must pre-book their reservations.
  • Minimum $50.00 deposit required on all accommodations, payable at time of booking.
  • Deposits are non-refundable. If a full 7 days notice is received and confirmed for cancellation a resort credit will be applied to your account that may be used towards any products/services that High Tails offers.
  • No refunds for early returns.

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