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To book your dog for training please call (403) 226-0036 or email training@hightails.ca 

High Tails Pet Resort is offering the following classes in our new training facility! If you are unsure about which class is right for your pet or you would prefer private training please contact us and our lead trainer will help you choose the best fit. Our training team is award winning!

You can view our class start dates and times here.

Puppy Class

Join ANY Time!

Runs every Tuesday at 6:30pm and every Sunday at 11am beginning January 17, 2017

Puppies can start our program as soon as they’ve been in your home for 10 days and have one set of vaccines. Our program covers both puppy obedience and socialization to new people, puppies and environment.

Our puppies learn how to focus on you around distractions, come when called and walk on leash. They’ll learn the foundations behind sit, down and stand with distance. They will learn to leave things we don’t want them to touch.

Puppies will have a chance each class to play and develop their social skills. They will learn how to navigate new spaces like tunnels, move around skateboards and new surfaces! Our program is designed to give you a well adjusted and polite puppy!

Puppies can attend our puppy class until they reach 24 weeks of age. You can come as often as you like with the potential to come twice per week for 16 weeks – that’s 32 classes! Our puppy program is a great deal at only $329+gst.

Or buy a 6 class pass for $198+gst (Puppies must be 6 months or younger).

Pet Manners (Beginner Obedience)

This class is for new arrivals to the family including dogs of all ages, breeds and backgrounds. We cover basic obedience skills such as sit, down, stay, coming when called, walking on leash and polite greetings. We also include training that helps with vet visits, grooming appointments and of course spending time out and about with your dog. Cost $198+gst and class is 6 weeks long.

Canine Good Neighbour

Want your dog to be a Canine Good Neighbour? Join our prep class that will have your dog master the 12 exercises required to pass the Canadian Kennel Club’s Canine Good Neighbour exam. This include polite greetings, handling by a stranger, moving past distractions, passing other dogs, stay for grooming and coming when called. This class is an excellent follow up to any basic obedience class.

Cost $198+gst and class is 6 weeks long.

Extreme Recallers

Do you have a difficult time getting your dog to come back when called? This class is designed to teach an extreme recall that can be used during high distraction moments including around other dogs, people, wildlife and more! This class is 4 weeks long and the cost is $132 plus gst.

Rally Obedience


Rally Obedience is a fun dog sport where dogs and their handlers navigate an obedience obstacle course that includes heeling on leash, pivots, sits, downs, stands, stays, heeling past distractions, etc. This sport is a great way to teach your dog obedience skills and even compete in CKC or CARO rally obedience trials.

We offer both Novice Rally Obedience and Advanced Rally Obedience.

In Novice Rally Obedience all CKC and CARO Novice signs and skills will be taught.

In Advanced Rally Obedience all CKC and CARO Advanced signs and skills will be taught including send to jump and off leash handling.

Cost $198+gst and class is 6 weeks long.

Disc Dog Class

This amazing class will teach you and your dog foundation skills needed for Disc Dog and some of the games in the Up Dog Challenge including agility based games like Frizgility and Funkey! This sport has taken off in Calgary and the reason is that’s so much fun for dogs and handlers. It’s easy to play disc at home with your dog once you learn the skills.

Topics include throwing technique, retrieval work, how to get your dog to catch a disc, proper position to send your dog, the basic agility obstacles involved in Frizgility and Funkey (jumps, tunnel) and more!

You can repeat this class as many times as you like as we will continue to build your individual skills with your dog.

Cost $198+gst and class is 6 weeks long.

Level 1 Agility

Get started on the right paw with Introduction to Agility. Whether you are playing just for fun or want to head to Nationals with your canine teammate, this class is the perfect place to start learning the game. This class introduces you to the skills you need to have fun and stay safe including tunnels, jumps, wobble boards, body awareness, handling and more! Cost $198+gst and class is 6 weeks long.

Level 2 Agility

Our Agility Sequencing class is designed to get your dog putting together multiple obstacles. You and your best friend will learn how to tackle a number of obstacles together including all equipment you’d see in a Starters Agility course. Cost $198+gst and class is 6 weeks long.

Level 3 Agility

Our Agility Handling and Skills class is for teams who are able to complete sequences of more than 10 obstacles. This class focuses on teaching handling strategies and developing skills for your dog to run a course in an AAC competition. You’ll be able to challenge your teamwork and tackle some courses. Cost $198+gst and class is 6 weeks long.

Level 4 Agility

This is a great class for dogs who are ready to compete or who are currently competing in Starters level agility with AAC. We’ll tackle handling strategies, distance and mini-courses of what you’d see at trials. Cost is $198+gst and class is 6 weeks long.

Reactive Rover

Are you embarrassed by your dog’s lunging, barking, growling? We can help! Reactive Rover is the class for dogs with reactivity concerns (barking, lunging, and growling) as well as dogs who have a history of aggression towards humans or other dogs. Our class will teach you key skills to improve your best friend’s behaviour. Please contact us to see if this class is a match for your best friend. Please note that our Reactive Rover class is limited to only 4 dogs. The cost is $300 plus gst and class is 6 weeks long.

Reactive Rover Agility

Do you have a Reactive Rover but you wished you could do more with your pup? This is the class for you! Our Reactive Rover Agility class is specially designed to give your dog a chance to learn a new sport while continuing to build focus on you around other dogs.

Please note that our Reactive Rover class is limited to only 4 dogs. The cost is $300 plus gst and class is 6 weeks long.

Nose Work

K9 Nose Work is a dog sport that enriches our dogs instinctive ability to search for targeted odours using their amazing sense of smell. It is meant to be a fun sport for dogs of any breed, any age, including reactive or fearful dogs. It’s also good for injured, disabled or elderly dogs.

This class introduces the concept of the game, builds handler observation skills and timing. The first class teaches the overall game and the remaining classes work on building foundation skills to help the handler read their dog and to build your dog’s intensity for the hunting game. The foundation skills will help your dog develop confidence, problem solving skills and motivation while you are learning observation skills, leash skills, reward timing and letting your dog work independently. In this class, we use food or a toy rather than odour in order to build the hunting drive first and to sharpen handers’ skills.

Tracking & Scentwork

Tracking is an excellent activity for ANY dog. Our classes are set up to be safe for dogs with reactivity and aggression concerns as only 1 dog will be working at a time. Puppies as young as 12 weeks old and dogs as old as 18 year old can participate! If your dog has a nose then he’s ready to go.

Novice Level – Puppies and dogs will learn to follow a double laid and single laid track for toys and other items such as gloves and keys.

Intermediate Level – Puppies and dogs will learn to do increased difficulty of tracks including longer distances, more turns and older single laid tracks. New scents will be introduced upon request of handler.

Please note that these are outdoor classes. Cost is $285/dog and each course runs for 8 weeks.

Dog Training

*Payment is due at the time of registration. Classes are non-refundable and we do not allow for makeup classes if you miss a day. You are welcome to come out and watch a class before registering your dog in a program. We are a positive training school, we use food and toys as rewards in class. Choke chains, prong collars or shock collars are all not allowed.

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