Our Dog Trainers

High Tails Pet Resort is pleased to offer some of the most experienced and talented dog trainers in Canada. Our team competes at the top level in the sports they teach and they all work hard to maintain regular professional development.

Karlee Ainslie

Karlee is a graduate of Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training and Behaviour with 7 years of training experience. Her goal is to teach as many people as possible how to build a relationship with their dog using positive training techniques.

She gained interest in Training when she got her first dog, Chloe – a small Shih Tzu Cross. When she realized how fun training can be, she looked to see if it was something that would be a good hobby for her. As her interest started to grow into something more than a hobby, Karlee started to do Private Classes for people who enjoyed a one on one environment for training.

When Karlee got her second dog, Pear, a rescue American Staffordshire Terrier from Baltimore, her training had to start evolving move into the direction that would best suit Pears needs. Which started to included some basic impulse control, reactivity and some dog sports – like weight pull.

Staying on top of the ever changing world of training, Karlee regularly attends seminars and workshops. Karlee has attended seminars by, but are not limited to Ian Dunbar, Emma Parsons, Ken Ramirez, and Karen Pryor.

In her free time you can find her deep in the mountains with her two little girls, exploring the outdoors!

Megan Crane

Megan Crane was born into a “Dog Crazy Family”, so it’s no surprise that her love of everything dog has continued throughout her life. Megan has been involved in training and competing with her own dogs over 25 years. Starting in Conformation and Obedience, she soon discovered the sport of Flyball and was hooked! Over the years she has attended seminars, trained and competed in Flyball, Agility, Earthdog, Barn Hunt, Disc Dog, Rally Obedience, Herding and more.

Megan lives on an acreage just outside of Calgary where she lives with her incredibly tolerant and supportive husband, her herd of Terriers and Herding dogs and flock of chickens. She breeds and exhibits Border Terriers under the Versaterre prefix.

Dog Trainer Megan Crane

Andrea Norris

Andrea has loved dogs and dog training ever since seeing the SuperDogs at
the Calgary Stampede as a child. The passion grew and she got a job in the
pet industry 9 years ago working with many different breeds and
temperaments. During the past 6 years she’s gotten involved in the dog
sport world, training in agility, rally obedience, flyball and dabbling in
nose work.

Andrea actively competes in AAC Agility. She has trialed her current dogs
to their Championship titles (ATChC) and has had success competing on both
Regional and National levels. In 2013, with her Tibetan Spaniel she won AAC
Regionals and placed second at AAC Nationals in Leduc, proving you don’t
need an “agility breed” to have fun or be successful!

Continuing education is very important to Andrea and she regularly attends
seminars and online lessons with Susan Garrett, Dante Camacho and Justine
Davenport among others.

Agility and positive dog training has made such an amazing difference in
her dogs’ lives. She is very excited to bring her skills and enthusiasm to
High Tails to help show the kind of partnership you can have with your dog;
whether you are playing agility, hiking in the woods with your best friend
or just hanging around the house.

Rena Veen

Rena has loved dogs of all breeds since she was a child growing up in a no pet family. James Herriott’s All Creatures Great and Small was her most loved book! She had her first hard won dog at 13, followed by a succession of other dogs, cats, rabbits, fish, toads, hamsters, and gerbils; bearded dragons and chickens are the most recent acquisitions. Her interest in training began years ago with Barbara Woodhouse and ‘walkees’! Over the years, learning from each dog, Rena has come to know the most important thing about training is the relationship between human and dog. When it’s a balance of trust, respect, and humour paired with solid positive training, every species has a chance to truly reach their full potential.

Rena volunteers with Alberta Bulldog Rescue as well as Calgary Seniors. Training is simply every day, more of a lifestyle than an activity. Rena has been fortunate to work with amazing trainers who have helped her understand much about ‘dog think’. She works at a natural health clinic and is also a barn hand. Rena and her family share their home with an opinionated bulldog named Rupert who makes them laugh every day. Together they have discovered a love of tracking and rally-o, and have completed puppy classes, adventure dog, and the good neighbour class.


Photo by Nancy Thornton

Kara Bellingham

Having fun in a safe, positive environment and creating a connection between dog and human is Kara Bellingham’s training philosophy.  Enjoy and learn from every training moment, improve in what the team is doing and push to get to the next level!

Kara has a true love for all dogs and dog sports.  She trains her dogs in agility weekly, attends fun matches and occasionally competes in AAC.  3 years ago, she found her true passion in the dog sport world, and that is Disc.  Kara has trained under Marion Paulson, and has attended PVYBE with Ron Watson and Apryl Lea, she will continue going to seminars whenever possible.  Kara has travelled across Western Canada and into the USA where she has competed and placed in Skyhoundz, AWI, UFO and UpDog.

Kara shares her home with her husband Shawn Bellingham who is an UpDog Judge and their two dogs Piper and Treble who go everywhere with them!  She is an active front member of the Calgary Disc Dog Club, they host competitions, fun matches and learning sessions where she has helped train many new disc teams.  Disc in Alberta is a very up and coming sport, her goal is to keep watching this sport grow here!

Colleen Herring

Colleen is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge and Skills Assessed (CPDT-KSA), a Karen Pryor Acamdey Certified Training Partner (KPA-CTP), a Tellington TTouch Practitioner I and a Certified Nose Work Instructor (CNWI) TM. In addition, Colleen is a Fit Paws Master Trainer and World Cynosport Rally and CWAGS Scent Detective Judge. She holds professional membership with the APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers) and the Pet Professional Guild (PPG).

Colleen loves working with both the dogs and their handlers and the best part of her job is helping both realize how much fun training can be!

Colleen has three dogs; Sophie an eleven year old Vizsla, Jack a four year old Whippet and Stella a two year old Miniature Australian Shepherd. They like to have fun and stay active together. Colleen and Sophie presently participate in NZCSW nose work and have recently received the NW1 title. Colleen continues taking classes with her dogs. Some of the classes they have taken together include tracking, agility, nose work, Treibball, tricks and games, scent hurdling, disc dogs and dog Parkour.