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Grooming at High Tails


Our skilled grooming staff specializes in ensuring your pet has a positive grooming experience. We groom all breeds, all sizes and all temperaments. Call us for an appointment or quote 403-226-0036.

At High Tails Pet Resort, your pet’s well being is at the centre of our approach to grooming. Many pets deal with high levels of anxiety at the groomers. High Tails focuses on stress reduction for your pet using chemical free stress reduction techniques such as Tellington Touch and the use dog appeasement pheromones. Our staff are trained in animal safe handling and body language so that we can minimize any discomfort your pet feels during an appointment.

We pride ourselves on providing superior client service and ensuring that your beloved furry family member comes home with a proud “high tail” wagging happily.

Our salon is eco-friendly and we do not use harmful chemicals typically utilized in general cleaning. We make a conscious effort to reduce water and electrical consumption. Our water is also softened which is great for your dog’s skin!

Convenient Location

  • Map to HighTails Pet Resort
  • Go east on HW 566 (Balzac overpass) 5km past Costco (Cross Iron Mills Mall), right on RR290, turn left in 0.5km
  • Close to Calgary and Airdrie


Hours of Operation

  • Monday to Saturday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

At High Tails Pet Resort we view your pet as an individual with individual needs. For this reason we do not post a specific price list. Appointments are booked for pets for grooming in order to minimize their wait times and provide them with one on one attention from their groomer.

Without actually meeting your pet the best we can provide you with is an estimate over the phone (or email) once we collect some important information from you.

Factors that affect pricing:

  • size (we happily accept all)
  • breed (we happily accept all)
  • temperament (we happily accept all)
  • degree of matting
  • coat type
  • preferred hair style (the more hand scissoring, the more expensive)
  • any extras (ex. teeth brushing)
  • degree of shedding (time of year makes a difference)


Included in every groom are:

  • nail trim
  • bath
  • dry
  • clip/style
  • ear clean
  • de-shedding
  • anal gland check (expression only when required and requested by owner)

High Tails Pet Resort

High Tails Pet Resort
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